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Terms of Service
KTEC-KLIFF TECHNOLOGIES GmbH is referred to here as “KTech GmbH” ‘Information obligation according to Ecommerce Act (ECG) by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.
For all transactions between the customer and “KTech GmbH”, these terms and conditions apply exclusively, unless deviating agreements and conditions have been expressly agreed in writing.

Offer and prices
All offers of “KTech GmbH” are non-binding. Only through the written confirmation of orders by “KTech GMBH” they become binding for “KTech GmbH”. All prices are fixed prices and excl. Statutory taxes, no discount or discount will be granted.

Delivered orders are after the order at “KTech GmbH” firm orders, if the order confirmation is not contradicted immediately in writing.

The appointments mentioned by KTech GmbH are postponed if the client does not provide the material required for the work in the required form in due time (8 weeks before implementation).

If, due to circumstances for which the client is responsible, downtimes occur, the additional costs associated with this will be charged to the customer according to the price list. This also applies to interruption and premature termination of an order if the cause is not attributable to “KTech GmbH”.

Payment terms
The invoices of “KTech GmbH” are due immediately after receipt of invoice without deduction. Delivered goods remain the property of “KTech GmbH” until full payment. In case of late payment, 4% p.A. charged via the bank rate. The interest claim is 10 working days after sending the invoice.

Invoices for a project / order will be sent at the beginning of the work and are therefore due. Promotion work can not be reversed and this would not replace the costs incurred (service).

The services provided by “KTech GmbH” are generally based on the specifications and briefings of the client. For errors, misunderstandings and changes that are due to incorrect or incomplete information of the client, this is solely responsible. The client indemnifies “KTech GmbH” from any claims of third parties, as long as the claim-inducing service of “KTech GmbH” is based on the information provided by the client.

Defects in the services of “KTech GmbH” must be asserted in writing immediately after becoming aware. Otherwise warranty claims are excluded. Independently of the respective legal regulation “KTech GmbH” has the right to improve its services. Only after three failures of the repair the legal warranty claims of the client come to life again.

For negligence in the performance of the service to be provided “KTech GmbH” is liable up to the amount of the invoice amount of the order in question. Further claims for damages resulting from breach of contract, breach of obligations in contract negotiations and tort and further warranty claims are excluded.

KTech GmbH “accepts no liability for spelling errors in offers and for errors that are only objected to after corrections and release by the client. “KTech GmbH” assumes no legal examination for the created texts, designs and measures as well as picture material. The client accepts these examinations through his own legal adviser.

Usage rights
The client uses the services provided by “KTech GmbH” exclusively for the previously agreed purpose. Further uses must be agreed in writing and regulated for copyright reasons. Concepts, strategies and systems developed by “KTech GmbH” are always created only for a legally independent company. Use via affiliated and affiliated companies must be regulated separately by contract.

KTech GmbH does not accept assignments in areas with political, religious or sexual content as well as MLM marketing or pyramid schemes. The KTech GmbH work can be stopped at any time due to the above mentioned content and the order can be canceled.

Optional services are provided on request of the customer. After completion of the agreed work, the entire invoice amount is due.

Proof of the individual transactions is not provided.

“KTech GmbH” gives no guarantee for success, listing or position in search engines and assumes no liability or guarantee for any sanctions by search engines such as blocking, non-inclusion or non-ranking of a website.

Changes, technical problems or KTech GmbH Search engine marketing of the customer, lead to a forfeiture of all warranties and guarantees.

A recording guarantee on search engines, catalogs, directories and social media is not guaranteed.

Competition clause
In principle, “KTech GmbH” accepts no rules regarding exclusion from competitors and is expressly entitled to work for identical and similar products and manufacturers.

The place of performance is Anif, the place of jurisdiction is the city of Salzburg, for all disputes arising directly from the contractual relationship. Austrian law applies.

Should a provision in these terms and conditions be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of all other provisions.

The client expressly grants KTech GmbH the right to use the services performed for him as a reference and for self-promotion and, if necessary, to accept the logo.

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