Shipping and Return Policy


It can be a big deal for a ktechgmbh company to change its shipping and return policies, especially if it negatively impacts customers. You can submit a return request within 15 days of delivery of the order. However, in the case of a damaged / missing category in your CRM software, the policy will not be returned until 15 days after the date of purchase.

My look at the change: CRM software for you. You should sing out those customers who just want to take advantage of their more than generous return policy.

Ktech GMBH CRM has monthly and annual subscription options to use our services. We prefer to give
You choose the flexibility. In return for the commitment to an annual advance commitment, we
offer you a significant discount over the already low monthly subscription costs.

While Ktechgmbh’s core software takes sufficient account of many companies’ return requirements, the Ktechgmbh Returns module is designed specifically for companies that need more control. By maintaining the highest levels of customer service, companies can ensure that the relevant credits, charges, inventory adjustments, repairs, replacements, or depreciations are handled accurately, efficiently, and efficiently.

ktechgmbh Returns provides custom setup options, user access control and the actions they can perform, as well as flexible workflows and fully configurable product return criteria. The traceable management, transparency and process control functionality in dealing with suppliers and customers ensures return policies are met, solutions are delivered efficiently and performance metrics are monitored.

When you return a product, you MUST first contact your kltechgmbh Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number before the end of the applicable return period. Call +43 800 281 103 RING-NCS and select the appropriate options to reach your CRM. Within 24 hours, your CRM will notify you by e-mail that the return is unauthorized. You can also send a request for this e-mail address

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